Your Cloud Adoption Journey Starts Here

Let’s join hands to ensure you have the best Cloud Adoption experience.

Optimal Cloud Adoption Strategy

Cloud Computing is a new norm in the tech world; every business is either migrating to cloud or starting new projects on the Cloud using well known Cloud First strategy. We use a time-tested Cloud Adoption Framework to ensures the best Cloud Adoption experience for our clients. With detailed action plans for every business and technical area and at every stage of the Cloud adoption journey, your business will enjoy the smooth ride.

Cloud Adoption Process

Cloud Foundation

You can’t build a magnificent building on a weak foundation; it’s true when building the tech empire in Cloud World. It’s very challenging to get the right blend of skills required to build an estate in Cloud. Ioxil’s Cloud Adoption Framework provides detailed Cloud Foundation action plan to help our clients identifying the gaps in their current organizational capabilities and bridge the gaps by laying out solid Cloud Foundation. On your behalf, our experts create a secure and compliant Landing Zone implementing the industry best practices.

Cloud Migration

Migration to Cloud is the most challenging stage of Cloud adoption process. We plan the migration strategy per business cases, a lift and shift strategy or thorough rearchitecting before migration are common use-cases. The migration road map focuses on future proof infrastructure, business continuity, pre-migration as well as post-migration testing and migration governance process.

Cloud Operations

After migration to Cloud, IT operation dynamics will change significantly. Well-Managed IT operations are back-bone to support the smooth operability of business. Ioxil assists our clients in capability enhancement, Cloud operation management, Cloud monitoring, Cloud incident management, and in the establishment of DevSecOps culture to ensure the best performance of Cloud resources.

Perspectives of Cloud Adoption Framework


Introducing business model that integrates agile IT strategy to support better business outcomes


Selection and implementation of security controls, and plan for ongoing security initiatives


Preparing the teams for cloud adoption by staff up-skilling and introducing the cloud-based competencies


Identification and implementation of best practices for IT and Organizational Governance



Strategic guidance for the design, principles, tools, and policies to deliver the optimized architecture on Cloud



Mapping the current operating procedures to future operations, identifying process changes & training

Managed Cloud Services

Architecture, Deployments, Operations, Monitoring, Security and Reporting

Containers & Kubernetes

Docker, Kubernates, AWS EKS &ECS, GCP GKS and Azure EKS

Infrastructure as a Code

Packer, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, CloudFormation and Cloud API

Cloud Security Automation

System and Data Security, Privacy, IAM, Encryption and Governance

What Else We Do

Cloud Migration

  • Linux & Windows
  • Web Application & Databases
  • Lift & Shift
  • Refactoring while migrating

Security & Monitoring

  • Security Assessment
  • Cloud Security  Strategy
  • Account Security Setup
  • Security automation

Cloud Automation

  • Packer / Terraform
  • CloudFormation
  • Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Chef / Puppet / Ansible

Big Data & Analytics

  • DataLake & Data Warehouse
  • BigData Streaming & ETL
  • Batch Processing Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics in Cloud

Cloud Native & DevOps

  • Serverless Apps
  • Containerization / Docker / Kubernetes
  • CI/CD – Continuous Deployments
  • Remote DevOps

CMS & E-Commerce

  • WordPress on Cloud
  • WooCommerce Scaling & Optimization
  • Adobe AEM on Cloud