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Cloud Data Services

Cloud Data Storage & Data Processing Services

We enable our clients to reliably and securely store and process data on the highly available and scalable Cloud platforms.

Modren Data Storage & Processing

Data is very critical component of any business and so is data storage and processing. It is very important to securely store and process the data. Modern applications such as highly scaleable web applications, big data analytics, data warehouses, Internet of Things, databases, and backup and archive applications all rely on some form well architected data storage.

Cloud Data Storage

Cloud Object Storage, Block Storage, Elastic File Storage, Data Archiving, and Data Security Solutions

Data Transfer & CDN

Cloud Data Transfer, Batch Data Transfer, Database Migration, and Efficient Content Delivery Solutions

Data Processing & Analytics

Web Data Processing, Live Stream Processing, Batch Processing, Image Processing & Analytics Solutions

Featured Cloud Data Solutions


Database Migrations

Fully managed database migration. On-premises to Cloud; SQL to MySQL, MySQL to AWS Aroura and so on.

Data Pipelines

Fault-tolerant, scalable, & repeatable data pipelines for complicated real-time & batch data processing on AWS, GCP & Azure.

ML & Analytics

Cloud data analytics and machine learning open-source & vendor specific solutions to get insight of your data.

Cloud DataLake

Well architected, secure & compliant DataLake solution to store all business data on all public Cloud providers.


Automated security & governance solutions to ensure the data integrity & compliance during transition & at rest.

What Else We Do

Cloud Migration

  • Linux & Windows
  • Web Application & Databases
  • Lift & Shift
  • Refactoring while migrating

Security & Monitoring

  • Security Assessment
  • Cloud Security  Strategy
  • Account Security Setup
  • Security automation

Cloud Automation

  • Packer / Terraform
  • CloudFormation
  • Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Chef / Puppet / Ansible

Big Data & Analytics

  • DataLake & Data Warehouse
  • BigData Streaming & ETL
  • Batch Processing Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics in Cloud

Cloud Native & DevOps

  • Serverless Apps
  • Containerization / Docker / Kubernetes
  • CI/CD – Continuous Deployments
  • Remote DevOps

CMS & E-Commerce

  • WordPress on Cloud
  • WooCommerce Scaling & Optimization
  • Adobe AEM on Cloud
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