Cloud Migration Services

Ioxil’s comprehensive Cloud migration strategy enables efficient migration to Cloud, accelerating innovation with Cloud-enabled technologies.

Intelligent Cloud Migration & Enablement

Ioxil works with organizations to migrate workloads such as applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, or entire data centres to one or more public Clouds. We also migration from one Cloud to another, based on our experience, we have a comprehensive and proven migration strategy, so that you can gain business benefits quickly and cost-effectively.


Rehosting, also known as “Lift and Shift” migration methodology, is the fastest migration strategy. Ioxil’s rehosting team migrate the applications as they are without any changes; only hosting platform is changed to take the primary advantage of IaaS. Once in the Cloud, it’s easier to optimize and re-architect the applications.


Replaforming is to achieve some tangible benefit using the Cloud providers’ PaaS or third-party offerings. Ioxil’s re-platforming experts can help to identify the areas of re-platforming, such as migration of database load to Managed Cloud Database services, which can reduce risks and cost related to Database management. Replatforming can also reduce licencing cost by shifting to open-source or managed platforms.


Repurchasing is moving to of the shelf product or SaaS platform, such as migrating CRM to SalesForce. Throughout the migration process, we assist our customers in moving to a different platform, framework and SaaS providers.


Refactoring and re-architecting allow decoupling the application dependencies and the optimization of components using Cloud Native solutions. During the expensive and exhaustive process of re-factoring, Ioxil’s provide a clear vision and proven strategy. Moving from a monolithic application to service-oriented architecture is a typical example of refactoring.


Ioxil can help our client to save on costs by retiring the unused applications. After a detailed analysis of environments, it is common to discover that companies can save up 25% cost by retiring less useful applications. The savings from decommissioning can boost the business case, reducing the stress on the team and decreasing the surface areas to secure.


Ioxil can help our clients to revisit their technology estate to identify which applications are still not Cloud-ready or it’s not feasible to migrate them to public Cloud.

Cloud Migration Services

Application Migration

With our simplified application migration strategy, we helped our customers to save up to 60% in their hosting and licensing costs. Our cloud & application architect can migrate your application to any Public Cloud, migrate from on-premises to SaaS provider as well as the migration of monolithic apps to Cloud-Native apps through agile refactoring.

Database Migration

The databases are one of the crucial parts of any IT system. Database migration requires a high degree of expertise to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. With our managed database migration services, you can enjoy the peace of mind while migrating to Database as a Service or Cloud Database VMs.

Inter-Cloud Migration

It is common to run applications in multiple Clouds simultaneously; companies tend to switch between the Cloud provider often due to change in requirements and offering from competitive Cloud providers. Ioxil specialise in Intra-Cloud migration; we can seamlessly move your workload from. GCP toAWS and vice versa.

Media & Assets Migration

The growing needs of media & virtual assets are challenging on-premises media & assets management. Ioxil’s assets and media migration service enable our customer to quickly & efficiently execute large scale media migration. With our migration workflows, you can enrich your assets with metadata while migrating to Cloud.

What Else We Do

Cloud Migration

  • Linux & Windows
  • Web Application & Databases
  • Lift & Shift
  • Refactoring while migrating

Security & Monitoring

  • Security Assessment
  • Cloud Security  Strategy
  • Account Security Setup
  • Security automation

Cloud Automation

  • Packer / Terraform
  • CloudFormation
  • Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Chef / Puppet / Ansible

Big Data & Analytics

  • DataLake & Data Warehouse
  • BigData Streaming & ETL
  • Batch Processing Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics in Cloud

Cloud Native & DevOps

  • Serverless Apps
  • Containerization / Docker / Kubernetes
  • CI/CD – Continuous Deployments
  • Remote DevOps

CMS & E-Commerce

  • WordPress on Cloud
  • WooCommerce Scaling & Optimization
  • Adobe AEM on Cloud